TipTop 022 p 54 (1938-02).jpg
Li'l Mort[on] Walker appears in Tip Top Comics #22 (February, 1938), when he was a grizzled old veteran, at 14, of 3 years.

He pretty much had his simplistic Beetle Bailey / Hi and Lois style down pat even then.

But it wasn't a big deal for him either. His first comic was published when he was 11; he sold his first cartoon at age 12. By the time the Tip Top piece was published, he had already been selling to Child Life, Flying Aces and Inside Detective magazines and had his own comic strip, The Lime Juicers, in the weekly Kansas City Journal!

When I found this back in May, 2015, I sent a copy to Mort through Brian Walker, his son, and this was an item Mort had completely forgotten about.

I then tried in earnest to obtain copies of The Lime Juicers from the Kansas City Journal's archives but the librarian there spoke a different dialect of English than I and our email conversations became circular. Maybe I'll try another day ...

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