The (Almost) Complete Yarns of Bos'n Bill
by(c) 2017, Arthur L. Lortie
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Sundays, June 27, 1930 to November 1, 1931
Created by Stanley Armstrong (signed as Armi)
Syndicate: World Color Printing

The above information comes from Allan Holtz's indispensable American Newspaper Comics: An Encyclopedic Reference Guide.

Though its a Sunday strip, the dates shown are based on strips that appeared in the Farmville Herald and the Morehead Country Press, and the first date is actually a Friday and the last is a Saturday. Normalizing these would make the run June 29, 1930 to November 2, 1932. That suggests there were 71 strips.

However, the ones I found were typically on a Saturday, and, with extrapolation ran from June 28, 1930 to October 24, 1932, for a total of 70 strips. However I couldn't find strip #14 -- see the notes below - so the totals match.

I included an undated scan of original art, so I'm missing just 6, maybe 7, strips if anyone has them. Using Saturday dates --

July 5, 1930 - this would be numbered as #2
July 12, 1930 - #3
July 26, 1930 - #5
August 2, 1930 - #6
August 9, 1930 - #7
August 23, 1930 - #9
September 20, 1930 (or thereabouts) - #14 [there is a missing strip between the 20t ad 27th]
December 20, 1930 - #27
November 1, 1931 = this may not exist

Elsewhere, Alex Jay has done a lengthy profile of Stanley Armstrong and Allan Holtz looks at another of Armstrong's strips, JERRY ON THE JOB

I placed the strip archive on MediaFire