(with the world's worst computer lettering)


Step 01.png
Select the file you want to print by clicking once; its name will turn blue.

Double click the name to open the file.

The image will expand to fill the screen.

Locate the printer icon and click once.Step 02.png

A new window will open.

Step 03.png
The options may open with "Save as PDF".

You could choose this to save the image as a PDF to your download folder -- but it might be best to save the image as a jpg from the previous window (see above; the download icon is next to the printer icon)

Click "Change" button once.

This will open an overlap menu.

Select youStep 04.pngr printer from the list presented.

(mine was the OfficeJet Pro)

Click OK.

You will return to the previous screen.

STEP #5Now you want to be able to select the margins for the printer.
Sunday strips have a different length-width ratio than the dailies and print better using the "Landscape" option under "Layout"
Then select "More Options"

Step 05.png

STEP #6Because you need to have a gutter to bind the pages together in a book form, choose "Custom" from the drop down menu under "Margins".

Step 06.png

Your mouse can drag all the margins by right clicking. The image should automatically shrink or expand to fill the page.
NOTE: Most printers have a minimum margin that can be set; my printer requires .24 inch, which I used for the bottom, right and left margins.
The top margin setting depends on how many pages will be bound together, but I've found .50-.75 has worked for my purposes.
Step 07.png

STEP #8After saving, click "Print"

Step 08.png

STEP #9To go back to the main Google Drive page and select more images, use the back arrow located in the top left of your browser page.
Lather, rinse, repeat for all images.

Step 09.png

STEP #10
The daily strips require a slightly different margin setup to center them on the page, top to bottom.
To be consistent, you may want to print in "Landscape", like the Sundays.
I show the "Portrait" view below.
But being square (ish) in a 3-up format, you could also use "Portrait" under "Layout"; they will print slightly larger under "Portrait"
Settings around 2.00 inch for the top margin and .40 inch for the bottom, seemed to work for me.
I chose .24 inch for the right margin (the printer's minimum) and the left margin between .50-.75 inch for the binding gutter.

Step 10.png